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I met Banna through a mutual friend. She stands out in a crowd with her beautiful smile and heartful aura. At the time, she had been working at a well known financial company. Aware of working in an undeniably white space, she had always been cognizant of how she presented her hair in the office. Following a two week trip to South Africa, she had kept her dreads and went into work. (She remembers her mom “warning” her.) Her white boss calls her in to mention her hair looking “unprofessional.” As the issue escalated, her boss eventually apologized for the discriminatory comment, but the issue of hair discrimination has been and remains a problem today. 


This portrait of Banna, shot in an office space, was inspired by this incident. Hoping this continues to bring light to these issues to our white leaders.


Banna @banniakabread @mamabanna

Photo by Nigel Hosang @antioch_studio

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